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How to Install Preset in Lightroom

How to install the presets on your phone

  1. Download Lightroom Mobile from the App Store 

  2. Download DNG Files (photos) Provided With Your Purchase

  3. Import DNG Files to Lightroom Mobile

  4. Create Presets From Each DNG File

See below for detailed steps with screenshots:

Step 1 - Download Lightroom Mobile on Your Phone


First things first, download Lightroom Mobile on your phone. It's a completely free and very powerful tool for picture and video editing. Updating to the paid versions is not necessary to use the presets or make basic adjustments to shots. 

Click Here for the Apple Store Version of Lightroom Mobile

Click Here for the Android/Google Play Version of Lightroom Mobile

After downloading, create an Adobe account and login.

Step 2 - Download DNG Files Provided With Your Purchase 

Next step is obviously to make a purchase of either our preset pack or the individual presets available on the website. With the purchase you'll be sent a zip file, with DNG and XMP files inside these files have the presets settings saved to them for you to use. 


ZIP Download 


Step 2.1 - With your purchase you should receive a ZIP file to download to your phone. Click download on the order page or the email you received with your purchase.  

Step 2.2 - Click on the share button at the bottom of your screen and save to files. 


























Step 2.3 - Open the preset pack in your phones files, this should now leave you with a file of mobile and desktop presets.

Step 3 - Import DNG Files to Lightroom Mobile  


Step 3 (Preset Pack) - Click on a DNG file name in your files, then click the share button in the bottom left of the screen. Scroll across until you find the Lightroom Mobile button, then select "Got it" (You will need to do this for each individual DNG file if you have the preset pack).

Step 3 (Individual Preset) - Click on the DNG file from the email then click the share button in the bottom left of the screen. Scroll across until you find the Lightroom Mobile button, then select "Launch Lightroom now".

Step 4 - Create Presets From Each DNG (Mobile) File 

Step 4.1 - After importing the DNG (Mobile) files to Lightroom open the app if not open already. In the Lightroom library open all photos and click the newly imported picture(s). 

Step 4.2 - Click on the menu icon in the top right corner of Lightroom, then click create preset.



























Step 4.3 - Name the preset, you can create your own name but we suggest using the names we have given the preset. After naming click the tick at the top right of the screen. 

Step 4.4 - Repeat this step for each preset you have downloaded. 

 Using the Presets 

  1. Select a new photo 

  2. Scroll to presets option in bottom menu 

  3. Select the preset you'd like to use 

Make Additional Adjustments (Optional)

Once you've applied your preset, we’d suggest making adjustments in the following order: Exposure - Temperature/Tint - Contrast

Have a play and make whatever additional adjustments you like. Each picture is different so adjusting each slightly can have a big impact. 

How to install preset pack (1).png

How to Import presets to Desktop


To import multiple or a single preset into your Lightroom classic on desktop, you first need to save the downloaded XMP files from the download in your purchase. Then click on the + sign in the Presets Tab of your Lightroom screen. A menu will appear – choose “Import presets” option. This should open your files – locate the presets you saved earlier and select import and you are done! You should now find the imported preset/s somewhere in the Presets Tab. You may find Lightroom has already applied the imported presets to your selected photograph on import – don’t worry if it does, just click “Reset” on the bottom of the right-hand panel to get back to where you were if you don’t want that preset applied yet.

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